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  3. ashleyosborn:

    Favorite shots from the first week of the Devil’s Dance Tour. It’s been an incredible first week! This tour is absolutely nuts in the best of ways.

    Please be sure to keep up with Chiodos on their socials for even more photos. Thanks for all of your support!

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    P.s. please excuse crappy photo quality. Our bus WIFI is not doing me justice rn.

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    Park Bench.

  8. dvorets:

    Photographed by Mark Bramley

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  9. capekalaska:

    From the office the sunlight frames your silhouette
    I think of lighting fireworks, I think of pirouettes
    I idly write down observations on the scene
    Like do the blueprints name the rooms alone?
    Do we name them on our own?
    We hardly live in there

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  11. cinoh:

    utannamn: 9/8/2012

  12. karanixon:

    Just a couple of outtakes from my shoot with Alex of Newmark Models

    © Kara Nixon || Social Media: Instagram | Facebook Fan | Personal Tumblr

    Hair and make up by Noel Carlsen

    This specific outfit was styled by me. We shot a lot of looks, which I tend to prefer so we have more variety.

  13. January 10th / sunrise and sunset

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